Claire is an antagonist in UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale, Book 1.

Appearances Edit

Claire first shows up at the start of the story. She leads the students of Kennedy High into Babushka's Bakery on a tour. Mina notices that the boys seem to follow her, especially Mina's crush Brody Carmichael, who she finds out is the "Hansel" in the tale afterwards. Claire brings them on a walkway/catwalk, and because of a slight accident, Brody falls off. Mina then saves him with the help of her best friend Nan. Claire was actually the Witch in the story "Hansel and Gretel", and was manipulating Hansel. Claire was actually the owner of Babushka Bakery's ascendant, which makes her really old. So after Claire dies, one more of the tales would be completed.

Claire shows up afterwards when Greytail kidnaps Mina and Nan. Claire was mad because she was ageing really quickly and takes Nan's youth. Nan becomes the "grandma" in the tale "Red Riding Hood". Jared attempts to save them but fails, leaving Mina to figure out the story herself. She uses the Grimoire and it pulls Claire and some other Fae wolves into the story, saving Nan (who gets her youth back). Claire is demolished, so she doesn't show up afterwards anymore.