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The UnEnchanted series follows Wilhemina "Mina" Grimm as she finds out about her family's curse that she is now a part of. Throughout the books Mina learns more about the magic, family, and love.

The UnEnchanted Series book listing is as follows.






There is an extra book available named Jared's Quest.

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Wilhelmina GrimmEdit

Wilhemina Grimm is the main character of the UnEnchanted series. Her mother is Sara, and her father is a descendant of the Grimm brothers. In UnEnchanted, she first saves her crush, Brody Carmichael's life. Later on, when Sara finds out she tries to get the family to move once more, Mina learns about the Grimm curse.

The Grimm Curse Edit

The Grimm Curse is the name of the "curse" that Prince Teague put on the Grimm Family. It forces all of the "chosen" Grimms to fight the evil Fae and complete the stories that they are in. The curse ends when Mina ends Teague's life in the last book. Throughout the books breaking the curse is all that matters to Mina because she doesn't want it to hurt anymore of her family.

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